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:The story of a nazi death Clive A. LawtonBy Clive A. Lawton

Setting:The setting of this story is in Auschwitz, a Nazi death camp in Poland. The story takes place around 1939.

Conflict: My book did not have a major conflict. The book just goes over what happened during that time period in an orderly manner.

Adolf Eichmann

Summary: This story is about the biggest Nazi death camp, Auschwitz. At this camp an estimated 1.5 or more million jews were killed. Auschwitz was connected to a railroad system that made it easier for the Nazi's to send Jews to this camp. Eventually the Russians came to invade germany so the germans tried to get rid of all evidence of the death camp. They were unsuccessful giving us the information we have about it today. Later on, Adolf Eichman - who was one of the people who helped make this camp function - was put on trial and executed in Jerusalem.

This is the entrance to Auschwitz, A nazi death camp. The sign in German means "Work will set you free."

Interesting Facts and Events: One interesting event in the story was when the Germans tried to hide the evidence of Auschwitz by destroying the camp. They were unsuccesful, but I found it interesting that they would try to hide it because it shows that they knew what they were doing was wrong. Another thing that i found interesting was when one of the doctors at the camp, Josef Mengele, performed many inhumane expirements on some of the prisoners of Auschwitz. He especially liked to perform expirements on twins because he thought that having twins was a racially superior trait.

Reccomendation: I would reccomend this book to anyone looking for a short summary of what happened at Auschwitz. It summarized the whole situation pretty well and was easy to understand.


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