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Social Studies
World War II

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Rudolf Hoess

Josef Mengele-Mainly experimented with twins and people who already had some type of disease, sickness, or physical disability. Mengele would often experiment on these people while they were still alive which inflicted a lot of pain on his victims. When he was finished with them he would simply kill them, disect them, and keep their organs for future testing.Rudolf Hoess-Mainly experimented with killing people through the use of poisonous gases. With his perfection of Zykon B. the Nazis were able to kill people at extreme rates instead of the sulfuric acid that was used before. Mengele even admitted to killing people with the gas himself because it gave him a sense of relief.Herta Oberheuser-Was considered so brutal people would often kill themself just so she could not experiment on them. Herta would often burn people with hot lamps and rub harsh objects into people wounds to see the effect it had on the victim.

1940-Auschwitz opened as a political detention, but evolved into a death camp.1/17/1945-Auschwitz was evacuated.11/20/1945-Nuremberg trials began.10/1/1946-Nuremberg trials ended.4/16/1947-Rudolf Hoess was sentenced to death.1/24/1978-Herta Oberheuser died.2/7/1979-Joseph Mengle Died.

Below is a video of two twins who survived experimentation by Josef Mengele and other Nazis at Auschwitz. Around 7,000 people were saved from Auschwitz when the Red Army invaded, but the remaining 60,000 were forced to march to Wodzislaw to escape the Red Army, loosing over 15,000 people on the way. A total of more than 1.3 million people went to Auschwitz, and atleast 1.1 million people were killed there.

Nuremberg Trials

Josef Mengele fled the country, changed his name and lived for 35 years before they found him dead in Brazil.Rudolf Hoess got the death sentence by hanging in Auschwitz gas chamber.Herta Oberheuser was sentenced to 20 years in Jail.




Experiment Survivors

Brittany Haire & Hayley Moulton

Herta Oberheuser

Josef Mengele