[2015] Joshua Stone (Period 6): Auschwitz

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[2015] Joshua Stone (Period 6): Auschwitz

Hitler, a German man, wanted to get rid of the Jews because he thought Jews were a destructive race and were ruining the German society. So he sent them away from their homes to Auschwitz, a concentration camp in Poland. On the trip there, the Jews rode in a small train car with about 100 other people in it, making them have little room. The Nazis naver stopped the train, so the Jews didn't get food and they got a a bucket for a toilet. Once at the camp, family members were seperated and Jews went to work, or, if they couldn't work, were murdered.

What injustice occured?


Along with the Jews, Soviet POWs were held there. So were Gypsies and homosexuals, who were also discriminated against. Other people were Byelorussians, Ukranians, French, and Poles. 1.1 million people went through Auschwitz, and between 800,000 and 900,000, and probably even more, people died there.

The rise of the Nazi regime in 1933 started large discrimination of Jews. They were treated unfairly as Hitler, the Nazi leader, wanted to exterminate them. The Jews couldn't do many things other non-discriminated people could do. They were first sent to ghettos, a place closed off so people couldn't get in or out, and it was a horrible life there. Then, after 7 years of discrimination, the Auschwitz concentration camp opened and Jews were sent there within the next few years.

Who were the victims?

The Jews lost their freedom and rights in Auschwitz. After the war, the victims of Auschwitz didn't know what to do because they lost family members, their homes, and their belongings.

What did the victims lose?

The Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler, wanted to get rid of Jews because he thought that the Jews were ruining the German society. They sent them to Auschwitz and made them victims of Auschwitz. When the Nazi rigime fell, they were freed from Auschwitz.

Who made them victims?

This is the front gate of Auschwitz. In English, it means "work sets you free."

What events led to the injustice?


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