[2015] Samantha Vogts (Period 7): Auschwitz

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Social Studies
Jewish History

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[2015] Samantha Vogts (Period 7): Auschwitz

Describe the injustice that occured


There were many events that lead to the injustice at Auschwitz. First the Nazi's came to power. Hitler started discriminating Jew's and then came the Final Solution. The final solution was when the mass killing of Jew"s and other groups started. During the Final Solution Auschwitz opened up and started to take in prisoners.

The main people who made the prisoners victims were Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's. Hitler was the one to start discriminating the Jews and other groups. At Auschwitz there was the commander, Rudolph Hoss, and Heinrich Himmler. At the camp a doctor, Josef Mengele, performed insane experiments on the prisoners.

The main victims that the Nazi's targeted were Jew's but there were many others like Poles, artists, educators, communists, homosexuals, and prisoners. Nazi's also targeted elderly, and the mentally and physically disabled .

Everyone at Auschwitz was treated poorly. There was little food and little water. Also these prisoners had to work long hours in harsh weather conditions by force. If they slacked they could be shot or beaten to death. Many prisoners died from mass shootings, gas chambers, starvation, dehydration, disease, exhuastion, and medical experiments.

What events lead to the injustice?

Who were the victims?

Who made them the vctims?

What did the victims lose?

While at Auschwitz prisoners lost many things. They lost their families, friends, money, clothes, hair, food, homes, teeth, jewels, education, weight, privacy, rights, and lives and most importantly hope. So many people died every day. Everyone thought it was over and the Nazi's would win. Everyone gave up and stopped trying trying to fight against the Nazi's.


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