Aurorita Mahbub's Profile (Financial Future)

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Aurorita Mahbub's Profile (Financial Future)

I am hoping for a family of 3 by the time I turn 30 years old. It will include my spouse, and a toddler who is around 3-4 years old.






I will be working in the corporate industry, as an attorney along with my spouse. We will provide services as lawyers at the law firm Blake, Cassels and Graydon LLP in Toronto, ON. Our salary together annually will come to $210,000 before any deductions are made. Working hours may vary as lawyers do not have flexible schedules.

I will have completed my post secondary studies at Queens Commerce, with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in the undergraduate business program. After some work experience in the financial industry, I will move on to getting a degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in order to practice law professionally.

My family and I will reside in Toronto, Ontario, specifically in the financial district of the Downtown area. We will be living in a two bedroom apartment on Bay Street, and the payment of the rent will be split amongst my spouse and I. All costs going towards purchasing basic everyday appliances will also be shared. We will also divide costs for our car, which is a Volkswagen Golf.


My hobbies include hiking and other outdoor adventures. Fitness is important to me, therefore I will retain a gym membership. I plan on practicing sports and activities such as swimming, badminton and tennis frequently. Additionally, I would like to do yoga regularly.

I plan on leading a very balanced and active lifestyle at 30 years old. As an outgoing individual, I would like to attend movies, concerts, festivals or any other forms of recreation whenever possible. Besides work related trips, I also plan on travelling to new places couple times a year with my family when vacationing. I will allocate this fund from our savings account.



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