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Aurora and Tithonus


Symbols and Depictions

The two main symbols that Aurora represents are saffron and light. Aurora is mainly depicted in three ways. Sometimes she is depicted riding in a golden chariot drawn by winged horses. At other times she is shown as a young woman with her own pair of wings. Ocassionally she is depicted with two pitchers of water in her hands to represent the dispensing of dew in the morning.

Aurora was born at the dawn of time. She was the daughter of the Titan Hyperion and the Titaness Theia. She and her siblings, Helios and Selene, were part of the second generation Titan gods who dominated the sky. She does not take any other forms than her regular goddess self. Aurora is the gorgeous goddess of dawn and dew. Every morning she flies across the sky announcing the arival of the sun and then opens the gates of heaven. After this Helios, later known as Apollo, rides his chariot across the sky which leads to the occurring of dawn. Aurora’s tears at the loss of her son Memnon are seen as dew drops on the morning grass to mortals as well.

Aurora had strong affections for a mortal named Tithonus. Their relationship was going perfectly fine until they realized that Tithonus, being a mortal, would age. So Aurora begged Zeus to give Tithonus immortality. Zeus granted the couple’s wish despite his problems with the idea.The two thought they would live happily ever after, but they were wrong. Tithonus had been granted eternal life but not eternal youth. Because of this, Tithonus grew older and older and more and more unattractive. Aurora was completely disgusted and couldn’t deal with his constant whining or his ugly form, so she left him and put him back into the world

Aurora is flying across the sky announcing the arrival of the sun.

Aurora is raising the body of her son Memnon who she loved very much.

Aurora is shown riding in a golden chariot drawn by winged horses.

Aurora is depicted as the “rosy fingered” and winged goddess of dawn.

Aurora is the goddess of dawn and represents light.

This video describes the relationship of Aurora and Tithonus.

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Aurora By: Aishwarya Velu

"Rise and Shine! Aurora'sPassing By!"

Roman: AuroraGreek: Eos



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