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By: Jamea Jenkins

Augustus displayed his new powers and status with pride.He had control over the military and his finances and because of these powers it gave hmi complete dominacne over all treaties.

He wanted to portray himself as a perfect leader to his people.

He, himself never had an issue managain his image as to whom "THE PEOPLE" should wordship to.

It's safe to say he was a man of his word and his power reigned on even after his death. All his achievements in life have and continue to be honored gracefully.

His Success!

Whom do you know during that time that could make peace with an enemy after 100 years of civil war and conquered the lands of many Roman empires? AUGUSTUS!

Augustus would be considered our modern day BOSS!

Augustus established stability among the Romans and throughout the Empire.

His biggest accomplishment was that he made Rome an exquisite place to live for the Roman people and he made it look so easy even when he was on his death bed he was still trying to prove to the people that he would still put up a fight and that he was still a strong man willing to do anything for his people's happiness and their security. When he passed he made sure that he lived on! He did.


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