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Social Studies
Ancient History

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He gavepeople an opportunity!Finally people even enslaved had a chance to be a part of the government!Finally people which aren't noble can be part of something important!

We are safe!At last someone chose to strictly enforce protection on our borders, at least we can be tranquil.

Tricking or Helping?Even though Augustus was trying to be a good ruler, he had to trick his people to vote him as absolute ruler in order for him to keep on helping our country and making it as great as it is today.


Finally Peace in the Empire!Peace was finally granted.Augustus has ended 100 years of civil war and achieved over 40 years of peace and prosperity.

Making personal sacrifices

He has experience!Obviously being a heir of Caesar,he must have experience with ruling and responsibility.

For the cities own good, Augustus had to banish his own daughter from Rome, in order to prevent her from ruining it's good image.

Giving Up Power

Refusing absoulute power? Who would do that? What about having the ability to change anything any way you wanted? Giving that up might be crazy but Augustus did it in order not to act as King and try to be equal to the others.

Augustus for Justice!


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