Augustus Propaganda

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Augustus Propaganda

Behold, at last, that man, who was foretold...Augustus Caesar, kindred unto Jove.who brings with him a golden age...His sway shall extend into India and Africa,and he shall stretch the dominion of the Romansbeyond the sun and stars - Virgil Aeneid book 4The best guardian of Rome's people, dearest boonA household power, adored with prayers and wine,Thou reign'st auspicious o'er his hour of ease:Who fears the Parthian or the Scythian horde,Or the rank growth that German forests yield,While Caesar lives? - Horace


The statues of Augustus show his many virtues.In the temple of Apollo his statue shows him as godlike. The Prima Porta statue shows him as a general with the defeat of the Parthians on his chest. These and other statues show how mighty and caring Augustus is to the people of Rome.

use of poets

Augustus had befriended many poets who in their writing wrote great things about him. These were very famous poets like Virgil and Horace.


Augustus finished many of his adopted father's projects for the public that he started before died. Augustus would then construct the greatest forum and built statues to his ancestors like Aeneas who was in Virgil's Aeneid showing he was related to the founders of Rome.

Poem quotes

Ara Pacis




An altar created in the name of Augustus. It commemorated the succsessful campaigns in spain and the gauls.


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