Augustus Mortal God

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Augustus Mortal God

Augustus:A Mortal God

After seeing the Prima Porta, a statue of our leader in his full glory, you might think that he must be some sort of a god. While he is not actually a god, he is the image of power, intelligence, and athletic perfection. All of the power that the gods have blessed him with is put to good use repairing our Republic, and ruling in the meantime. Just remember that Augustus does not have supreme power over Rome, as he is not an emperor or a king. He has no more power than the Senate or our other leaders.

The Ara Pacis of Augustus has helped bring great peace to this land, one of the greatest gifts he could give his people, and he still does more for us! Augustus has supported the creation of the Ara Pacis, the Altar of Augustan Peace .This altar is a symbol of the unity in our country, and will be used to worship the gods so that we can continue to be in their favor.

Pray that the household which is responsible for peace may, together with that peace, last a long time.-Ovid

Even Ovid, one of Rome's greatest poets agrees: Augustus and his family are the reason behind Rome's lasting peace. Augustus cares about his family, and look at all of the good they do for us! Just remember, Augustus doesn't just care about his family. He cares about you too!


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