Auguste and Louis Lumière

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Auguste and Louis Lumière

Lumière brothers were born in Besançon, France, in 1862 and 1864. After moving to Lyon, their father Charles-Antoine Lumière started a company for making photographs where physisist Louise and manager Auguste gained their experience and ran a highly successful business.

Louise was a key figure in scientifically improving the dry-plate photographic process, which was a major step towards moving images and the invention of an early film camera

Auguste Lumière and his brother Louise, scientists by profession, invented a machine called cinematograph. With its help they shot lots of films and presened them to a large audience for the first time in history.

Founding Fathers of Cinema

The first public screeningParis (December 28, 1895) Salon Indien du Grand Café - the historical place and time of the first ever screenings in front of a large audience, with the help of the cinematograph that could project images on the wall. One of the ten films shown was the famous "Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory

FilmEach film is 17 metres long, which, when hand cranked through a projector, runs approximately 50 seconds.

First Films of 1895 (click on the arrow)

50 sec

17 m.



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