August Rush

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August Rush




Lyla Novacek-Keri Russell.Evan Taylor-Freddie Highmore.Louis Connelly-Jonathan Rhys Meyer.Maxwell Wallas-Robbie Williams.Richard Jeffries-Terrence Howard.Thomas Novacek-William Sadler.Reverendo James-Mykelti Williamsom.Arthur-Leon Thomas III


In 1995, Lyla Novacek is a cellist living under strict rule of her father. Louis Connelly is the lead singer of an rock band. Lyla and Louis meet and sleep together. The day after, they separate, and are unable to maintain contact as Lyla leaves for Chicago. Due a car accident, she gives birth, and her father secretly puts her son up for adoption, allowing her to believe that the baby died.Eleven years later, Evan Taylor is living in a boys' orphanage outside NYC, where he meets a social worker. Evan has the savant-like ability to hear music wherever he is. Convinced that his parents will find him, Evan runs away to New York City, "following the music" in the hope it will lead him to his family. In NYC Evan meets Wizard who tries to make money making Evan play music in the streets.


At the end Lyla finds out that her son was alive and goes to nyc to find fim. As well, Louis trys to get back with Lyla going to NYC too but without knowing she was there or about Evan. On the other hand, Evan runs away from Wizard so he can be at his concert where his mother was playing. Lyla recognised him and Luois who was there because of her got back with her and knew Evan was their son and so does he realising they were his parents.



"Moondance"Performed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers "This Time" Performed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers "Bari Improv" Performed by Kaki King "Ritual Dance"Performed by Kaki King "Raise It Up" Performed by Jamia Simone Nash "Dueling Guitars" Performed by Heitor Pereira and Doug Smith "Someday" Performed by John Legend "King of the Earth" Performed by John Ondrasik "God Bless the Child" Performed by Chris Botti and Paula Cole "La Bamba" Performed by Leon Thomas III "August's Rhapsody" Written by Mark Mancina




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