August artemis Fowl

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August artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl SettingIn the book Artemis Fowl the main setting was in Fowl Manor 12 year old Artemis Fowls home. First time in the Fowl Manor was when Artemis and Butler his servant captured the fairy Holly Short of the LEPrecon unit. Soon after the LEPrecon unit sent a retrieval squad to take back Cpt. Short and are badly beaten by Butler. After then Root and a commander to the Manor where they plant a biobomb to try and destroy Artemis fowl the evil genius.

Richard AugustMrs. Chabreck7th gradeApril 7, 2010

When they enter the Fowl Manor the Commander sends units to search the area. The Commander thinks something is suspicious and calls the units to his area. When he finds one unit is missing he thinks there wandering around the front door. Then Butler comes and since there invisible they think he can’t see. Then Butler attacks them all.

When Root arrives he soon notices Holly has very little magic and sends her to do the ritual. Holly travels around looking for an ancient tree. When she finds a tree she is ambushed by Artemis Fowl and his servant Butler. She fights hard without her magic but Butler was to strong. She soon wakes up and finds herself in a cage in the Fowl Manor, Artemis Fowls home.Soon after Holly’s kidnapping Root finds out and sends a squad of fairies to retrieve her.

In the beginning of “Artemis Fowl” Captain Holly Short of LEPrecon unit was sent to Italy to capture a Bull Troll. When Holly gets to the Troll he is already breaking the wall of an Italian city. When he finally breaks into the wall he enters a restaurant. Holly wants to enter but her boss Root doesn’t allow her to unless she’s invited in. When a little boy screams she takes it as a call to enter the building. As soon as she enters she fights the Troll and defeats him.

Plot Summary

Novels ConflictThe conflict was that Artemis Fowl kidnapped Holly Short for gold. He did it to make the fowls billionaires again. His attempt made him almost show the fairies to the world and as a human he wasn’t supposed to know about fairies. He thinks it will be easy but then the fairies didnt follow protocol.

Novel ThemesThe main theme is that everybody doesn’t play by the rules. A smaller theme is that money isn’t everything.

Opinion on BookI liked the book a lot it was interesting since I love mythical things. I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends at school because there not the reader type.

VocabularyGaze- to look for a long timeThe cow gazed in the stars looking for something to happen.Bass- a singing voice of lower pitchThe bass voice of the women made me shiver.Extorted- to obtain somethingThe king extorted goods from the villagers.Surreptitiously- done in a concealed or underhand way to escape noticeThe snake surreptitiously killed the pact of rats.Stability-condition of being stableThe stability of the horse was not good. Incapacitate- to deprive somebody or something of powerThe king deprived the lord from power.Melodramatic- behaving.The melodramatic bull would go crazy over red.Sardonic- disdainfully mockingThe sardonic bird make the coyote feel stupid as he could not climb to get the bird.Pentothal- a medicineThe Pentothal helped the man regain his strength.Relinquish- to renounce or surrender somethingThe relinquished king was forced to give up the thrown.

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