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Audrey Wood

Book SimilaritiesAudrey writes a lot from childhood experiences, when she thinks about her son, her grownup life and daydreams. One of her books the Napping House was written from experiences that she had in her own house. She even models the characters about people she knows.•She uses lots of animals•Bright watercolor illustrations•The author takes real life experiences and puts them in a comical way that keeps kids engaged in the story•Uses repeated phrasesFUN FACTSOnce Audrey got in trouble at school for crossing out Dr. Seuss’s name on a book and putting her name on it instead.Audrey decided that she wanted to be a writer in 4th grade. Her first book was published in 1978 at the age of thirty.Audrey has written over 30 children’s book.

Date of Birth: August 12, 1948Birthplace and Nationality: Little Rock, AR AmericanWhere did the author grow up? Saratoga, FloridaWhere does the author live now? Santa Barbara, CA.

Audrey Wood



The Napping House

Silly Sally

•Booklist Starred Review, October 1, 1985•Caldecott Honor, 1986•North Carolina Children’s Book Award, 1992

Interview with Audrey Woods about The Napping House


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