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Social Studies
World War II

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Audrey Villarreal

As Admiral Chester Nimitz found out about the messages from the Japanese, he took the aircraft carriers to Midway. On June 4th, 1942 Japan attacked causing one of the important battles in WWII. Bombers and planes sank four Japanese aircraft carriers. We lost one.

Bombing Against GermanyIn early 1942, Allied bombers launched attacks on Germany. British planes kept dropping bombs as the goal was to cause as much damage as possible.

Japan almost threw an entire Imperial Fleet towards the Battle of Midway, which meant that they almost had was about to be used. That included six aircraft carriers, submerines, thirteen cruisers and more. America, on the other hand, only had three aircraft carriers, eight cruisers and a bit more.

Tuskegee Airmen

The Tuskegee Airmen were African Americans thatprotected the bombers from enemy pilots. They had over 1,500 missions in enemy territories and never lost a single bomber.

Admrial Yamamoto's PlanYamamoto knew that the U.S Navy was a huge threat. So what he wanted to do was destroy the American aircraft carriers. He the looked to Midway (a naval base) to force us back. What he didn't know was that the Navy already knew his plan due to code breakers.

Bombers Battle Germany and Victory at Midway

Victory of Midway

Japan vs American Defenses

Generals at Midway

Different Type of BattleMost naval ships battle face to face. Though in the Battle of Midway, it was also with airplanes that bombed the decks of aircraft carriers.

Japan AdvancingIn May 1942, Japan seemed almost unstoppable. They attacked American, British, and Dutch colonies. Japan won control of the Philippines, Guam, Hong Kong and more.


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