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Audrey Allen

The United States was my sponsoring and home country.

John Charles Fremont

By Audrey Allen

Fremont's Journey Fremont went on six expeditions, two of them were not very succsessful. Fremont was asked to go on an expedition to map the route west from Mississippi to South Pass in the Rocky mountains. He was asked this by Senator Benton and other congressmen. Fremont started his journey west of the Mississippi river. He found his way through the Sierra mountains and headed toward Oregon. He tried to make his way to Vancouver but he was blocked by the Columbia River. Fremont headed south and got into California from Nevada. He and the people with him got caught by snow storms in the Sierra Nevada, but kept on going into the Sacramento valley and Sutter's Fort. Fremont visited Washington D.C. then headed back to California to continue his journey, now with more men. He came with 62 of them. Their orders were to check out parts of the Sierra Nevada, and to fight the mexicans if a war started in California. Fremont named the Humboldt River in Nevada on this part of his journey. He spent a winter making his way across the Sierras into Sutter's Fort. Then came to Monterey where he met Thomas Larkin, who was an American consul. Then Fremont met Mexican forces who told him to leave. He did not agree with this, he did not want to leave. So he raised a flag in Gabilan Peak, which is now Fremont Peak. Fremont saw that his groups of people were outnumbered, and headed up to Oregon. He met Lt. Archibald H. Gillespie who had a message for him. Nobody knows what the message said, but Fremont made his way into California and camped near Sonoma after reading it. Fremont took part in events that lead to the American conquest of California. American ships raised their flags at Monterey a couple of weeks later. Fremont was put in charge of a battalion that went to Southern California. Fremont met the Mexican general and they agreed to stop the war, letting Fremont and his battalion win. Fremont went on two more expeditions but none were very succsessful. He got stuck in the Rockies during winter and 11 men with him died. Fremont also tried to find a good place to build a railroad but never found the right place.

Interesting facts-Fremont the city was named after John Charles Fremont.-Fremont had a wife named Jessise -Fremont and his wife Jessie purchased a house in the Sierra above the San Joaquin Valley and they found gold on their property! After that Fremont became a wealthy man.-Fremont ran for president, but lost to James Buchanan.- Fremont lived in Los Angeles and New York City with his wife Jessie.-During Fremont's journey through the Sierra Nevada, he became the first American to see Lake Tahoe.-In 1878 to 1881 Fremont was the governor of the Arizona Territory.

Background informationFremont had a fabulous life. He was born in Savannah, Georgia and grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. He was born in 1813 on January 21, and died when he was 77 in 1890. Fremont went to the College of Charleston from 1829 to 1831. He got a job by teaching mathematics to the crew of a U.S. warship for three years. He became 2nd lieutenant in the Topographical Corps of the U.S. army. Fremont took a two year trip into the wilderness of the upper Mississippi river. He drew maps and studied the plants and animals. Fremont went to Washington, D.C. to report on his trip. This is where he met Jessie, who he married in 1841. And in the end, Fremont retired and lived in Staten Island. He died in New York City in 1890 of peritonitis and was buried in Rockland Cemetery in Sparkill, New York.

FindingsAfter all Fremont's work of discovering paths and mapping them correctly, he was given the nickname of "The Pathfinder." In the later years, his maps and books became useful to people who needed them. Fremont wrote many books about his journeys with the help of his wife Jessie. One of his books was called: Report of the Exploring Expedition to Oregon and North California told about his trip in 1843. Geographical Memoir upon Upper California was about his journey in 1845-46. Fremont discovered the Humbolt River in Nevada and named it. He also found gold on his property! He was also elected as the first Senator of the new state of California in 1850.

Fremont's Journey

My ThoughtsI think Fremont was a great man. He helped stop the Mexican American War. He also found paths and made maps that helped other people find their way.



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