audience theory

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audience theory

Auience Theory

Audience theory is user generated gratification, which is basically how audience uses media text to their advantage and what they will do on it, like going on youtube to look at puppy videos because someone has access to the means which enables them to search this.Web 2.0 is user generated content which every thing on it isn't all factual unlike web 1.0 which was, This is the software that allows websites to gain plateforms so audiences and consumers are able to access these websitess like Twitter, Facebook and Blogger.Desensitisation occurs when the audience become to accustomed to certain text e.g. fear Like 'Dracula' since there has been so many adaptations of this monster people over time have become used to seeing it and there is no more fear of him.Cultivation is the concept of exposer to tv over time leads to projected perception of what reality is to a viewer like showing stereotypes of people in high school so people expect to identify others as such.Reception theory emphasises certain readers interpretation that communicates a message to others.Hypodermic theory which inject the audience with a straight foward and direct message like adverts on tv urging people to give money to charity.Copy cat or Modeling makes popular publicised text in media being imitated by people to gain that level of attention, for example celebrities doing the ice bucket challenge.



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