Audience Response Technologies

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Audience Response Technologies

In any classroom, audience response technology can be beneficial. In certain subjects, like science, the immediate benefits are found. Answers to instantaneous polls can be found. If the integration of these are to be found cost effective, daily use would need to take place. Some clickers, as they are called, even offer a full QWERTY Keyboard ("Classroom Response Systems“, 2014). This keyboard would allow for anonymous short answer responses to check for understanding. There are many benefits to Audience Response Technologies. Students feel as though they are constantly engaging in the school environment. Everyone is answering questions which enables the teacher to check for understanding of the given topic. If a topic is being explored that children already have a grasp on, the AR Technology will be able to pick that up quickly and allow for the teacher to move onto another topic. In my classroom, I plan on using Audience Response Technologies in daily lesson planning as a means to engage the class. I will take daily polls to decide new topics for fun extracurricular activities. Lastly, I will use this as a positive tool to check for students understanding. The board will look anonymous to students but I will be able to see which students are needing help without putting them on the spot or making them come to me. This will create a less stressful environment for students who are not grasping material.

Audience Response Technologies

Positives:Engages StudentsAsses Learning QuicklyCollect Meaningful Student Data

Planned Use:Student PollsCheck for UnderstandingStudent Engagement


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