Audience Profile - Not My Day

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Audience Profile - Not My Day

Lifestyle and JobI believe that the audience who would listen to this band would lead busy lives and may prefer something to pick them up. I would suggest that the people who listen to this band could be unemployed/students, somebody who works in the arts industry or somebody who works in a local club.

Audience Profile

Hobbies/InterestsI believe that the audience that would listen to this band and their song would enjoy listening to old, classic and iconic bands such as, Oasis and The Beatles. I would also say that they like to go to clubs and small concerts with their friends. I would say that the people who listen to this band are quirky, old school and have their own classic style.

Age and Gender20-26. Mixed, although specific songs aimed at females.Race and EthnicityNo specific race or ethnicity, this would appeal to anyoneSocio-Economic Class D or E, with low to mid income level. Students may have part time jobs.


Not My Day 'It Matters'



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