[2015] Elizabeth Knox (Period 3): Auchwitz

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Jewish History

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[2015] Elizabeth Knox (Period 3): Auchwitz


Prisoners at Auschwitz were held against their will, and killed. Many died of starvation or disease, while others were shot, gassed, or subjected to inhumane experiments.

The victims lost their freedom, comfort, and life at Auschwitz. Some people were forced to sleep in horse stables filled with vermin. Most survivors lost family members, friends, or people that they knew.

What was the Injustice?

Auschwitz began as a camp for Polish political prisoners in 1940. After the Nazis' "Final Solution" resulted in thousands of Jews being imported and killed at Auschwitz. Soviet prisoners captured during World War II were also brought to Auschwitz.

What events led up to the injustice?

The German Nazis targeted Jews, Poles, Soviets, and Roma. Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany and wanted to punish anyone who was not an of the Aryan race.

Who made them the victims?

What did the victims lose?

Groups of people such as Jews, Poles, Roma (Gypsies), and Soviet prisoners of war were targeted and placed in concentration camps such as Auschwitz.

Who were the victims?


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