Aubrey Drake Graham

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Aubrey Drake Graham

• Education: Forest Hill High School• Classmate is the reason to his fame• Actor on Degrassi - played the role of Wheelchair Jimmy• Released his own mixtapes, “Room for Improvement” and “Comeback Season”• Contacted by Lil Wayne• Music Labels: Universal Motown, Young Money, Cash Money, Republic, and OVO Sound

• DOB: October 24, 1986• Location: Toronto, Canada• Father: African-American Catholic• Mother: White Canadian Jew• World's only black Jewish-Canadian rap star


Connection to The Course

• One of the world’s most popular entertainers today and a profitable one as well• Large fanbase• Has won many entertainment awards• Own Clothing Line: October's Very Own (OVO)• Has his own marketing mix• Partnership and endorsement with Nike Jordan Brand, promotes music and endorses Sprite• Drug addiction can lead to the demise stage in his career


Who is Drake ?

Why did I chose Drake ?

Aubrey Drake Graham

• Expresses personal life and feelings through his music• Sings and raps in his music• Versatile artist • Doesn't only rap about girls and money, but the society as well• Loves what he does and worked hard to get where he is today• Tells others to follow their dreams• Many accomplishments and awards• Musical idol