Attributes of God

by MrsJirak
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Religious Studies

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Attributes of God

Attributes of God in Nature

Sunset - God is ARTISTIC; He paints with chemicals/particles in the atmosphere, bending the Sun's light rays.

Snowflakes show that God is creative because each one is different, unique!

Create a Glog. It must contain, but ONLY contain: 1. a background that is not a photo - it can be a pattern or solid color.2. a tiny box of text that is a complete 'Heading' but at the bottom, RIGHT HAND corner of the Glog. 3. three images of nature (not photos you have taken - only from Google images or the image bank of Glogster) that illustrate three different attributes of God. 4. On or under each photo write the attibute of God that is being illustrated5. Title your Glog 'Attribute of God from Nature'

Snowflake - God is creative; each one is unique, different.

Butterflies show the gentleness and subtleness of God's creative power.


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