Attractions in London

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Attractions in London

Hyde Park

Tower Bridge

. Buckingham Palace is an office for the Head of State, as well as a home for The Queen.the first monarch to use Buckingham Palace as their official residence was Queen Victoria, who moved there in 1837.

There was not even a single trash on the ground. Oh, those Londoners are neat people.

H.P is one of the largest parks in London. Speaker's corner is one of the popular attractions in the park.H.P is a traditional location concerts and demonstrations.

Madame Tussauds is a great tourist attraction in London, demonstrating waxworks of historical and royal people, film stars, singers, sports stars and significant politicians.

Hundreds of birds and squirrels are around.

Christina and me.You see, I made a couple of cool friends in my visit to London.

Wax figures of the members of the Royal Family.

Tower Bridge, built in (1886-1894) is over the River Thames. The song "London Bridge is Falling Down" has nothing to do with Tower Bridge, it refers to the collapses of other London Bridges.

Tower Bridge is an iconic symbol of London.

The Bridge has a fascinating history, which is explored in The Tower Bridge Exhibition.You can also see London from above during the exhibition which takes place in the top aisle of the Bridge .

Tower of London

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel situated on the banks of the River Thames.You can see up to 40 kilometres in all directions. It can carry 800 people each rotation. HUGE.

On the evening of the wedding of Prince William and Catherine , the Eye was in the colours of the UK. Nationalist Romantism?

London Eye

It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the UK.(It's quite expensive though.)

NHM is home to life and earth science specimens comprising 70 million items within five main collections: Botany, Entomology, Mineralogy, Palaeontology and Zoology. The museum is so interesting that you enjoy even the most boring scientific stuff.

just Charles(Darwin) and me hanging out in Natural History Musum. Darwin's works are exhibited in a speacial room.

Natural History Museum

Buckingham Palace

The Palace has its own chapel, post office, swimming pool, staff cafeteria, doctor's surgery and cinema.!

change of the guard

Change of the guard is a colourful ceremony and one of the 'must sees' on a trip to London,It is simply the process where a new guard exchange the duty with the old guard.


Madame Tussaud's

Westminster and Bigben are located in the same place, so if you are willing to discover one of them,, why not both?

Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. The tower's officially called the Elizabeth Tower

Westminster Abbey is a gothic church and the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English, later British monarchs.

Big Ben and Westminster Abbey



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