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The people of the Elizabethan Era wore makeup, known as ceruse. It was a mixture of white lead and vinegar. Mostly women from upper classes wore this to hide the fact that they were aging.

Jewelry was made from gold, silver, copper and copper-gilded metals, and ivory, jet together with precious and semi-precious stones. Cheaper alternatives were made from glass, bone, horn and even wood was also used. (It was only available to the Nobility or Upper Class)

A peasant woman would either dye her own wool using common dyes; available from gardens or the countryside. They could also buy the wool from nearby village weavers.

· Elizabethan men and women were not allowed to wear whatever they liked. Royalty (King and his family/relatives), were allowed to wear anything and could wear the colour purple

Elizabethan Women’s clothing included gowns, hats, corsets, underwear, collars, ruffs, and shoes.Elizabethan Men’s clothing included doublets, breeches, underwear, collar, ruffs, hats and shoes.

Poor kids would wear clothing that they could find or their mothers would make it for them from animals hides. Infants in their 6-12 months are wrapped in swaddling bands because using limbs were unhealthy. The children's wear is similar to their parents clothing.

Laws were enforced to wear clothing of their rank or position, by the English law. But colours of the clothing for both men and women, were called Sumptuary Laws

The women who belonged to the upper class wore a knee-length or full-length chemise

Young boys were dressed in skirts until they turned seven. After, they would wear breeches. The family often celebrates this because breeching is an event. This is when a young boy becomes a young man.

Members of the Elizabethan nobility or upper classes were instantly recognized since they wore clothes made from satin, silk or velvet. Materials worn during the Elizabethan era provided information about the status of the person wearing them.

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