Attack on Pearl Harbor

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Social Studies
World War II

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Attack on Pearl Harbor

Ali R, Becca W, Jamie E




-Japan wanted resources of Asia(World n.pag.). -United States protested & demanded that Japan stop its actions, but Japan ignored the demand(World n.pag.).-The United States then cut off exports to Japan(World n.pag.).-Germany, Japan, and Italy signed a military alliance in 1939(World n.pag.).-November 26, 1941, Japanese were ordered to sail for Pearl Harbor(World n.pag.).

-Japanese under commander Chuichi Nagumo(Japan n.pag.).-Japanese carriers launched a total of 360 planes in three waves, all converging on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where Pearl Harbor is located(Japan n.pag.).-The Japanese sank or severely damaged eighteen ships (Japan n.pag.).

- Due to the surprise aspect, the US was not in a good place to defend or respond.(Japan n.pag.)-The US declared war on Japan.(Japan n.pag.)-Pearl Harbor had started world war two, a war with many casualties. (Aftermath n.pag.)-Through alliances, many other countries became involved and it turned into the second world war. later finding in war diaries prove it was a true sneak attack.

Attack on Pearl Harbor

December 7th, 1931


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