Attack on Pearl harbor

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World War II

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Attack on Pearl harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor

December 7th, 1941 Japan suprise attacked Pearl Harbor. The bombing last several hours and started Just before 8 a.m.

Japanese bombers torpeod moored shios, while fighters and dive bombers machine-gunned and bombed ship decks and airfields.

After Pearl Harbor, there were no more political divisons between isolationists and intervantionists.

The Forces Tojo Sent from Japan included 6 aircraft carriers, 360 air planes, an assortment of battleships and cruisers, and a number of submarines.

Three battleships suffered irrreparable damage- USS Arizona, USS OKlahoma, USS Utah.

The House voted 388 to 1 to declare war on Japan. Germany, Japan, and Italy declared war on the United States.

After the attack, a spirirt of patriotism swept across the United States. Americans searched for ways to help contribute to the war effort. They volunteered with the Red Cross, joined the military, and moved into new jobs to help.

The USS Arizona sank during the attack,1,200 marines and sailors died on this ship alone. 8 battleships were severely damaged, 160 aircraft destroyed, 128 damaged. 2,500 people, including civilans an military personnel had died. The aircraft carriers were out at sea at time.

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