Attachment - 1

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Attachment - 1

Reactive Attachment Disorder and Attachment Theory

What does reactive attachment disorder (RAD) look like?



Attachment is the ability to trust. Children who have suffered early trauma lack trust.

Attachment Theory


* Would you recgonize a child/adult with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)?*Have you worked with a child/adult diagnosed with RAD?

*introduced by John Bowlby in 1960s*rare-as it is not easily identified *symptoms often attributed to less severe behavioural problems (ADHD, ASD)

*reactive attachment disorder was recognized in 1980 through the examination of institutionalized children*also apparent in abused, traumatized and neglected children and those with several primary caregivers*not limited to extreme situation of neglect - can occur when attachment fails with parents

*in the United States - reactive attachment disorder affects approximately half of children adopted from orphanages and 40% in care* disorder may also be a result of neurological impairment and poorly developed brain structure due to lack of care in early developmental stages

Infants seek comfort and proximity to a trusted caregiver to feel safe. A response from caregivers provides security to develop an attachment.


Forms of Reactive Attachment Disorder

Inhibited - failure to engage in appropriate social contextsDisinhibited - careless and promiscuous sociability - difficulty discriminating appropriate attachments


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