[2015] Raquel Rosen (6th Grade 15-16): AT&T Park Poster

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[2015] Raquel Rosen (6th Grade 15-16): AT&T Park Poster

The Stadium

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Hall of Famers

AT&T Park is located in 24 Willie Mays PlazaSan Francisco, CA. It was built in the year 2000.

Mays won two National League (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards and shares the record of most All-Star Games played (24) with Hank Aaron and Stan Musial.

Some interesting features of AT&T Park is the giant coke bottle and glove, a play area for all ages. Another is McCovey's Cove, a bay with lots of boats.

A special event at AT&T Park is a tour of all of the amazing artwork in the stadium.

Some hall of famers from the Giants are, Willie McCovey, Willie Mays, Gaylord Perry, and Juan Marichal.

The top 3 food at AT&T Park are the cha-cha- bowl, the tacos, cartillas, corndogs, sliders, and ice cream.


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