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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Goddess of:The Hunt Newborn CreaturesWild Animals Female Fertility

Mum: Leto Dad: Zeus Husband: No. No one,ever! Siblings: Persephone, Hermes, Hephaestus, Ares, Athena, Apollo and Dionysis Kids: Oh Hades to the no! I'm an Eternal Virgin!

Artemis lives on Mount Olympus, but she prefers to spend her time in the woods. Hunting with her nymphs.

Artemis was notorious for treating her enemies with cruelty here are a few examples:Niobe: Niobe (a daughter of a Titan) and her husband (a son of Zeus) were King and Queen of a part of Greece. They had 12 children, 6 boys and 6 girls. She boasted that she was better than Leto (Apollo and Artemis's mother) because of her amount of children. Apollo and Artemis were apalled at this insult to their mother. Apollo killed all of her boys and Artemis killed all their girls. Niobe grieved for so long that the gods finally took pity on her and they turned her into a rock. Actaeon: Artemis was out hunting with her nymphs in the forest. She stopped to bathe in a pool. A man called Actaeon was out hunting and he saw her. She turned around and saw him. She turned him into a deer and he ran away. His own hunting dogs saw him in the deer form and gave chase. He was killed by the dogs.


Myths and Legends



Symbols Bow and Arrow DeerWild goatBoar Quail


Artemis is vengeful, a man once peeped at her while she was bathing and she turned him into a deer and had him ripped apart by his own dogs. She is sadistic, she killed Callisto (a nymph who loved her) by turning her into a bear and shooting her. Artemis is defensive, Niobe insulted her mother and she killed her 6 daughters.


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