[2014] Gina Trotta: Atoms

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[2014] Gina Trotta: Atoms





Interesting factoids:


If an atom were expanded to the size of a football field...

The rings of the atom would stretch out as far as the outline of the field goes, and the nucleus would be as small as a pin sitting in the middle of the field. That is how small the nucleus is

A proton is a subatomic particle that holds a positive electric charge, and is in the nucleus of an atom. How the proton got named was by Ernest Rutherford, and he named the particle in the nucleus of the element Hydrogen a proton.

An electron is a subatomic particle that makes up the rings of an atom. It holds a negative electric charge, was discovered and named in 1891 by George Johnstone Stoney, and was classified as a particle in 1897.

A neutron is a subatomic particle that holds no electric charge, and is also in the nucleus of an atom. The neutron got named and discovered in 1932, and could be used to make nuclear transmutations.


*Between the nucleus and rings of electrons is a vast amount of empty space.*The nucleus holds a ridiculously large amount of mass, for instance, it holds the mass of about 6.2 billion cars combined.


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