Atom,Molecules and Ion

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Atom,Molecules and Ion

Atoms are the smallest particles that exist.Everything is made up of atom.An atom is mostly empty space and can be seen by a special microscope called electron microscope as it is approximately 0.00000001cm big.There are many different types of atoms. e.g. Gold ring have gold atom.Atoms of the same elements contain the same number of proton than those of different elements.Bottom left of the symbol of an element is called atomic number which is the proton number.Bottom right of the symbol of an element is the number of neutron

An ion is an atom that gain or lost it's electrons.It is not an atom after losing or gaining electrons.If an atom gain it’s electron, it became a charge particle called negative ion and vice versa

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A molecules is 2 or more atom combining together.If an atom of a molecules are the same type, it is the molecules of an atom.Molecules of compound is a fixed number of 2 or more different types of atoms combined together.However, not all compound exist as molecules. Some are formed by attraction of ions.The chemical formula of a molecules shows the number and types of atom it contains.



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