Atomic Theory

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Atomic Theory

J.J Thomson discovered the first electron in 1897. The way he discovered is was by cathode Rays that had been filled with a negative charged particle. What he had discovered was the subatomic particle.

Atomic Theory

In 1803 John Dalton discovered that elements are made out of little Atoms that way the same. He found that all Atoms have a unique weight to them John discovered colorblindness and people still reference and today he discovered that everything is made out of atoms.

In 1932 James Chadwick made the discovery of the neutron. James discovered it when he was starting radiation he noticed that the wax could be replaced. Knowing that, he could still put his produce protons. After a month of his discovery he have proof of the neutron. He knew that the atomic number could be found by the number of protons in a atom.

John Dalton

J.J Thomson

James Chadwick

In 1948 Max Planck created the idea of quantum theory. His theory had a better understanding on subatomic atomic processes. He also discovered that the energy of the light has the same frequency.

Max Panck

Earnest Rutherford was known for being the first to split the atom. In 1911 he had discovered the components of an atom. In 1917 he had a nuclear reaction between nitrogen and alpha particles. That was the invention of the proton. He studied in radioactivity. He was the pioneer of nuclear physics. Ernest published the book of atomic theory.


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