Atomic Theory of Matter

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Atomic Theory of Matter

Bohr's model of the atom has a nucleus with protons and neutrons, and electrons orbiting in circular shells.

History of the Atom

The shell model of the atom no longer has electrons orbiting in circles, but instead in "shells of probability". Exactly where an electron will be found is predictable, but random.

Atom "Pudding"

The term "atom" originally came from Democritus, who coined the term "atomos", which means something that cannot be cut, or divided, any further.

ProtonsNeutrons Electrons


Bohr's Model

Protons and neutrons form the core of an atom inside of what is called the nucleus. Protons are positively charged particles, and neutrons are neutrally charged particles. Orbiting around this nucleus are electrons that are negatively charged. Each atom has a certain number of protons, neutrons, and electrons that gives it a specific identity.

We did not always understand what exactly comprises the basic building blocks of matter. Though many guesses were put forth, it took many centuries of philosophizing and experimentation to figure it out!



Shell Model


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