Atomic History

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Atomic History

Robert Millikan:1908He discovered the value of the electronExperiment:He made the oil drop experiment.

J.J Thomson:1889He discovered the electronExperiment: He made currents of electricity inside empty glass tubes & plum pudding model.

Atomic History

John Dalton: 1803He discovered that matter is composed of tiny indivisible particles called atomsExperiment: He created laws

Democritus: 300BCHe discovered that atoms have a densityproportianated to their volume.Experiment: He drew a distinctionbetween primary motion and its secondary effects.

Ernst Rutherford: 1911He discovered the atomic nucleus and developed a model of the atom that was similar to the solar system.Experiment:He did the gold foil experiment.

Neils Bohr: 1913He discovered electrons would occupy specific energy levelsExperiment: He made the line spectra

Erwin Schrodinger:1926He made the Schrodinger's wave equation.Experiment: He did theoretical basis for the atomic model that Niels Bohr had proposed based on laboratory evidence

James Chadwick:1932 He discovered the nucleus of an atom contains protons.Experiment: He bombarded beryllium with alpha particles and discovered Rutherfords missing neutral particles.


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