Atomic Bombing at Nagasaki

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Social Studies
World War II

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Atomic Bombing at Nagasaki

On August 9, 1945, the United States used a massive, atomic weapon against Nagasaki, Japan to end the war as quickly as possible with the fewest United States casualties.

Atomic Bombing at Nagasaki

The Bombing of Nagasaki 1945

People should know about this event because the world should know that many people died from this atomic bomb and that today there are nuclear weapons that are so powerful they could eliminate the human speices.

Before and After the Bomb

The significance of the bombing of Nagasaki has been felt since the bombs fell in 1945. The attacks shaped world history during the Cold War and the nuclear arms race for the 45 years after the attack until 1991. The bombing essentially ended the Second World War, the largest military conflict in the history of the world, and shaped international politics and United States policy since.

A "Fat Man" Bomb

Nagasaki Bombing Victims

Survivor with Keloids

Surrender of Japan After Atomic Bombing


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