Atom History

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Atom History

Atom History


Democritus was a scientist more than 2,000 years ago. He was the first person to say that atoms are invisible and indivisible. He made the word "atom", which means in Greek translation, "not to be cut".

By: Collin Fluegge



JJ Thompson


JJ Thompson came up with the Plum Pudding theory in 1897. He said atoms are indestructable and cannot be divided. And he called negative particles "corpuscles".

Niels Bohr

He proposed an atomic theory in 1803: - All elements are made of atoms and atoms are indestructible. - Atoms of the same element are exactly the same. - Atoms of different elements are different. - Compounds are made by joining atoms of different elements in whole number ratios.The first two parts of this theory were proven wrong later in history.

John Dalton

He made the Planetary model in 1913. He said electrons have fixed definite orbits. He came up with Quantized energy which has three energy levels: - 1st energy level - 2 electrons - 2nd energy level - 8 electrons - 3rd energy level - 8 electrons

He discovered that the nucleus was in the center of the atom.He said that atoms are mostly empty space, and that electrons are gathered around the nucleus into distinct patterns.


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