Atom History

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Atom History

The modle shows the different energy levels of the atom. The first level can hold 2 electrons, and the second and third can hold 8 electrons.

Dalton's Atomic Theory



Dalton proposed the atomic theory in 1803. The four statements of the theory were All elements are made of atoms and atoms are indestructible (not true), atoms of the same element are identical (not true), Atoms of different elements are different (true), and Compounds are made by joining atoms of different elements in whole number ratios (true).the theory he made was the basis for all future chemistry.

Bohr's Model

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Thomson discovered the Plum Pudding Model in 1904, which was a drawing diagram of an atom. It had protons and electrons drawn on there, and he found out that atoms are destructable. All matter was possitive. Although, there was a negative charge, which was called corpuscles.

Rutherford discovered the nucleus. He found out that protons were located in the middle of the stom, which is wy when he put negativly charged matter against the atom, it would repel, He also discovered that atoms are mostly empty space. There are also electrons located around the nucleus to balance the atom.

He discovered that the atom was an invisable, indivisable particle more than 2,000 years ago. He said atoms were indestructable from what he knew, but that wasn't true. Also, he said that atoms are solid, but invisable, and with today's technoolgy, we can know see the atom with tools.



John Dalton


JJ Thomson

Bohr came up with the Planetary Model. By creating the model, he discovered that electrons have a fixed orbit around the nucleus. He also found out that energy can be measured. The first level has 2 electrons and the second and third level have 8 electrons.


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