Atmosfera Building

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Atmosfera Building

Alternative energy

Water harvesting

This building had many ways of using alternative energy to benefit economically and ecologically. They had special ventilation with the position of the windows and used sunlight to illuminate the building.

Atmosfera Building

Eco Bussines

Ironically inside the ecological building they sell recycled carpets made from old fishing nets. They Help the planet as well as make profit out of cleaning our oceans from abandoned nets.

On the roof top of the building they placed a garden that filters rain water and stores it for use inside of the building. They save and reuse immense amounts of water with this idea as well as benefic economically from this.

Green Buildings

The building that we were lucky enough to go visit was rewarded with the silver LEED award for its outstanding eco friendly construction as well as infrastructure. This is the first building to get this acknolegable award in our city.

By: Alvaro Gonzalez


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