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ATLASThe world runs on Atlas

Atlas sided with the titans in the fight against the gods. He was the strongest of them.That is why when the titans lost, Atlas was assigned to hold up the earth, or “The Heavens” on his shoulders. Atlas suffered the worst fate of all the titans. In the myth of the Twelve Labours of Hercules, he asked Atlas to get golden apples from a tree that a hundred headed dragon was guarding. Atlas agreed with the condition that Hercules had to hold up the heavens while he was gone. He also agreed. Atlas got the apples and tried tricking Hercules but instead Hercules tricked Atlas who was then forced to hold the heavens on his shoulders once again.

Bronze statue of Atlas outside of Rockefeller Center in NYC

Atlas the God of holder of the world. He was also the titan of astronomy and navigation.

Atlas was know for holding up the known world. This is a picture of the known world to the ancient Greeks.

This is an ancient picture of Atlas getting apples for Hercules. Also the first and only time he got a break from holding up the heavens.

Atlas Mountains in Northwest Africa-This is what Atlas is now known as from the time he was turned to stone


Atlas was a titan forced by Zeus to carry the sky on his shoulders. Titans were the gods before the Olympians but were overthrown in the War of the Titans. Atlas was the son of Iapetus and Clymene. He had 7 children. He stood at the ends of the earth towards the west holding up the celestial spheres.

SYMBOLSGlobeAtlas Mountains


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