[2015] 3 muench (Muench Period 2): Atlanic Ocean Trade

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[2015] 3 muench (Muench Period 2): Atlanic Ocean Trade

Change and Continuity Throughout the Atlantic Trade Route, there were many continuities such as the idea of conquering and the source of power, however there is more changes such as where the power was held, slave trade or labor, and the products in the trade route as well as the affects.Continuities:- The western idea has always been to expand and conquer. Starting all the way back to the Greek and Romans. The west always wants to contol the land they conquer and use it to their advantage.- Trade is power. India had power due to its location on the Indian Ocean and its location near china (silk road). All of the trading in this past time was in the middle east and Europe was on the outside looking in. When Spain became aware of the "new" world of latin america then soon then came and conquered starting trade across the Atlantic Ocean, giving Europe all the power and switching the center of the world to Europe from the Middle East Changes:- Where the power was held. Europe went from being far behind the Middle East to becoming ahead by finding and conquering the Americas. England took over Northern America. Spain and Portugal fought for the South and the Pope ruled the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1495. Out of this Portugal only got the land of Brazil and Spain got everything to the left of Brazil. This led to Europe becoming powerful and achieving a great trade route throughout the Atlantic. - The Altantic Trade led to a cultural diaspora of Africans. Before there was slave selling and trading everywhere and it wasnt just of African people. (Rome conquered surrounding people enslaving them) But the Atlantic Trade Route increased slave trade and labor. Since Europe arrived in the Americas, they conquered ruthlessly and killed many natives to the land. To add onto, the native Americans were not immune to the diseases brought by the Europeans and died because of the diseases. Because of this and the farmland that needed to be cared for, many slaves were traded and Eupore forced labor upon them. After they imported many slaves, Europe was able to gain a lot of profit from all the crops that were made. -the exchanging of products throught the trade route brought tomatoes to Italy, potatoes to Ireland and cattle and horses to the americas. Which led to huge change for all the parties involved.

Atlantic Ocean Trade

ProductsOne of the main products that was dealt through the Atlantic Ocean was food. Many of countries today's food staples have come from he americas. Potatoes were brought to Ireland and tomatoes were brought to Italy. Sadly one of the main "products" were slaves. Slaves came mostly from Africa and one of the most common misconceptions is that slaves who were sold from Africa were sold by other Africans. Since the geography of Africa makes the infrustructure poor Africa is very tribalistic. This means hat they were constantly fighting and taking over other tribes. Some of the most powerful tribes would take over another and sell their people as slaves. Slaves were needed so much because of all the farming that was needed to be done. Native Americans were also slaves but due to their rapid population loss their was not enough of them to farm all the land for the Europeans.

ReligionReligion had a big impact on the exploration an discovery of the new world. Before Columbus the Native peoples were very tribalistic and were animistic. Most of their gods were basd off their needs in life. They had many gods based off agriculture and one of the main gods was sun because it affected the farming. Once Columbus arrived the Spanish conqistadors brought missionaries and tried to convert the native peoples Roman Catholacism.These missionaries were from Spain and Portugol.

DiseasesDiseases in Europe- smallpox-measles-malaria-yellow fever-influenza-chicken poxDiseases in Americas-syphilis-polio-hepatitisencephalitis The natives of the americas were very susceptible to these diseases because they had no prior contact or defense. Due to this many more natives died from disease then death from war.

Primary Source Quotes“A lot of people think the chiefs were selling their subjects. In the beginning, decisions [were made] regarding bad characters. When selling came in, society got to know that it was anybody being sold.” Togbui (Paramount Chief) Adeladza, Anlo Ga“There was no rest in the land.”Mama Dzagba



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