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Athol Fugard

Born in Middelburg,Eastern Cape,South Africa

To Elizabeth Magdalena & Harold Fugard

He dropped out a few months before his final examinations.He left home and hitchhiked to N.Africa and then spent two years working in east Asia on a steamer ship

SS Graigaur

began writing!

Athol Fugard

This job influenced his plays to a large extent and made him aware pf the problems faced by the native Afrikaaners

"As fascinated as I was by words on paper, it was matched by my fascination with words in people's mouths. The spoken word. And that is the world of theatre."

He and his wife live in California,where he teaches as a professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of California, San Diego

Moved to Johannesburg to be a clerk in a Native Commissioners' Court

In 1962, Fugard publicly supported the Anti-Apartheid Movement (1959–94), an international boycott of South African theatres due to their segregated audiences, leading to government restrictions on him and police surveillance of him and his theatre, and leading him to have his plays published and produced outside South Africa.

He organised multiracial theatre - wrote,directed & acted - in the late 1950sThe Circle Players,which derives its name from their influential production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle, by Bertolt Brecht.

In the 1960s, Fugard formed the Serpent Players, whose name derives from their first venue, the former snake pit at the zoo,[14] "a group of black actors worker-players who earned their living as teachers, clerks, and industrial workers, and cannot thus be considered amateurs in the manner of leisured whites", developing and performing plays "under surveillance of the Security Police."

His post-apartheid plays, such as Valley Song, The Captain's Tiger: a memoir for the stage and his 2007 play, Victory, focus more on personal than political issues.

Got married to Sheila Meiring whom he met when she acted in one of his plays. They have a daughter Lisa who is also a writer.


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