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Athletic Trainer

About the JobAthletic trainers are healthcare professionals. Parts of their jobs consist of emergency care, rehabing injuries and medical conditions, and more. Athletic trainers are a very important part of sports.

Necessary Education & SkillsYou must earn a degree from an authorized athletic training curriculum, in order to be an athletic trainer. Authorized programs show you how to prevent, take care of injury and illness, first aid, emergency care, nutrition, and more. Classroom learning is highly recommended for your athletic training. Most athletic trainers hold a master’s degree.

SalaryUsually athletic trainers earn a salary of $35,000 - $75,000 per year. Youth sports - $46,296Professional sports - $50,515High schools -$42,442

PerksAthletic trainers are needed for just about every team sport played. You could be an athletic trainer for a professional team, or even a college team. A perk for athletic trainers would be the people they get to help.

Athletic Trainer

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UConn Women's athletic trainer, looking at Stefanie Dolson's leg.

Lakers' athletic trainer wrapping Kobe Bryant's ankle before the game.

Yankees' athletic trainer talking to Derek Jeter, before the game, about his ankle.

Lebron James broke his nose, so one of his athletic trainers helped him find a mask that he had to wear for the next few games.


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