Athlete's Foot

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Athlete's Foot

Athlete's Foot

Contraction -Caused when you come in contact with the fungus, and it starts growing on your skin -Anyone is able to getting it -Most people get it by walking barefoot in public areas -Called athletes foot because of gym showers

Effects: -cracked peeling skin beneath the toes or side of toes -Red itchy skin -blisters that ooze or get crusty Rare Effects: -Giant Hives -Hair Loss or discoloration -Allergic reaction

Diagnosis: - Can visually inspect your skin - Skin scrapings and test them via fungal culture - Doctors may look at your foot under ultra violet light

Prognosis: Self-healing and can be is usually cured in 2 to 4 weeks with over the counter antibiotics

Treatment -Sprinkle anti-fungal powder on feet and in your shoes -Continue to use for two weeks after infection has cleared to prevent it reoccurring -lot of anti-fungal products are over the counter -If it does not work visit your doctor and you will be put on stronger prescription medicine

Also called: Tinea Pedis


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