[2015] Collin Hurst: Athlete vs. Mathlete

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[2015] Collin Hurst: Athlete vs. Mathlete

Athlete vs. MathleteBy: W.C Mack

Owen is the jock in the family, and Russel is the smarts of the family. Owen gets blindsided when he figures out that the new coach(Coach Baxter)wants Russel to tryout for the basketball team! When tryouts finally comes, Owen figures out that he's a beast and Russel makes the team. Now that Russel is busy with practice, he has to miss alot of Masters of the Mind meetings. When someone tries to join the team, he wants to take over Russel's spot and become the captain. On the other hand, Owen is worried that because of Russel's talents, he'll be benched. So, he steals Russel's pair of Nikes and throws them away because he thinks they give Russel good luck! When Russel finds out, they get into a big fight and don't talk to each other for a long period of time. In that period of time, Russel quit basketball. But, when Russel finds out that Owen wrote his inspirational paper about him, he came back and won every last game of the season.



The theme of this book was to accept any challenge that is thrown at you. Even if it's out of your comfort zone. When Russel was challenged to tryout for the basketball team, he didn't back down from it. He went out there and tried his best. And look what happened, he actualy made the team! So that shows you that you never know what could happen when you try something new.


The main characters in this book are Owen, the athlete of the book. The amazing basketball player ad brother. One of the key players on the team( a very good passer and takes it to the rim). Then there's the mathlete, Russel. The captain of Masters of the Mind, Gets all A's and rocks the schoolboard.

The setting is at their school, their house, and the basketball court.Sometimes at other peoples houses because of Masters of the Mind.

I liked this book because it was inspiring. The book showed you that if you try things new, good things can happen. Maybe that thing you tried could be your new hobby.




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