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Ancient History

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The Spartan army advanced toward Athens in 431 B.C. After surrounding the city the Spartans waited for the Athenians to emerge and fight. Instead of fighting the Athenians just stayed in there city and assumed that the Spartans would just leave. When the Athenians made no counter-move the Spartans began to burn the Athenians crops and hoped that they would surrender due to starvation. Again, instead of fighting back the Athenians just had their navy protect merchant ships that brought them food. Neither side could gain the upper hand for 10 years. A truce was made but in 415 B.C. Athens attempted to conquer Sicily. Sicilian demolished the Athenian army, and navy. Sparta took advantage of this weakness and attacked Athens. In 404 Athens surrendered, and Sparta was in complete control.

The ancient Olympic Games first took place in Olympia, Greece in 776 B.C. These games took place to their gods but most importantly Zeus. The Olympic Games were held every four years. The first event in the Olympics was the Stadion. The Olympic symbol represents the five major continents. The games were stopped in 393 AD by chrisians saying that they were a pagan ritual. The modern games began again in 1896 and they had 30 games and 160 countries participating.

The Peloponnesian War

After cooperating during the Persian War, friction arose between Athens and Sparta. Athens became more dominant and offered to protect the Aegean Sea for trade also. In return for this defense the city-states paid money to the alliance. This formed the Delian League. Sparta and many cities in southern Greece also united to form the Peloponnesian League. It ws named this because the cities were located on the peninsula of Peloponnesus. Athens soon grew too powerful to ignore and Sparta declared war. This war was called the Peloponnesian War.

Olympic Games

The Dawn of the Peloponnesian War


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