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Father: ZeusMother: MetisSiblings: NoneHalf-Siblings: Artemis, Apollo, Dionysus, Hermes, Hephaestus, Ares, Heracles, Perseus, the Muses, and many, many more thanks to Zeus.


Athena is the goddess of wisdom, battle, and the arts

Roman Name: Minerva

Owl, olive tree, spear, golden shield, aegis, and a golden battle helmet.

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Medusa and Athena

Medusa was originally a very pretty woman. Yes, she was stunning. Naturally, men would fall for her. And one of those men was Poseidon, the sea god. He was known for being moody and voilent, but around Medusa, the love of his life, he was nothing but a sweetheart. So one day, they were in Athena's sacred temple when Athena found them. She was furious at both of them, but Poseidon, her uncle, managed to get out of punishment. Athena in fury cursed Medusa and gave her an ugly makeover: giant wings, saggy green skin, and a head full of snakes. Worst of all, whoever looked into the new Medusa's eyes turned to stone. Because Medusa's sisters helped Medusa to sneak into the temple with Poseidon, the curse affected them too, though they couldn't turn people to stone. The three of them were called "The Gorgons" after Athena's curse, and Medusa swore revenge on the goddess of wisdom and battle. But that never happened because too bad for her there was a guy named Perseus ...


Lives on Mount Olympus with all of the other Olympians, though her city Athens is a second home.

The Birth of Athena

Athena was born in a very ... different way than most gods and goddesses--or even people. It all started when her father Zeus, king of gods, met Metis. She soon became pregnant, but a prophecy overshadowed Zeus' mind. It said that Metis would bear a son that would rise to be greater than Zeus and someday overthrow him. So, Zeus did what anybody would do back then if they were afraid of their power taken away by their children: he swallowed Metis. His hope was that the child would never be born. But nine months later, Zeus was beginning to have some really bad headaches. He called for his son Hephaestus, god of metalworking, to gently split open his head. Hephaestus did as he was asked, and took an axe to break open his father's head. When he did, out sprung Athena, fully grown in full battle armor. She was also wiser than wise the second she was born.

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Arachne was a prodigy weaver. She had the talent so good that people dared to say she was better than the goddess Athena, who was the goddess of the arts. Arachne knew that Athena was a good weaver, but she thought she was better, and loved to brag about it. So she did something no mortal had ever done or even thought about--she challenged the great goddess to a contest. A weaving skills contest. Athena, disguised as an old woman, appeared that night to warn Arachne about the dangers of what she was doing. She told the mortal girl that if she lost, she would have to deal with Athena's anger. Arachne said so be it. Angry that her urging didn't work, Athena dropped out of her disguise and told Arachne that there would be a contest. On the day of the contest between Arachne and Athena, the two were going at it hard. Athena's work was very beautiful with skill. It showed the Parthenon, and her rivalry with Poseidon. Arachne's was focused more on the detail. It was potraying scenes of the gods weak and fearful. When Athena saw it, she became furious and turned Arachne into a spider, cursing her and her decendants to weave forever.

Arachne and Athena


~Athena's alternative name is Athene.~Athens is named after Athena because she presented a gift to the city: an olive tree. Everyone liked her gift better than Poseidon's (a horse), so now the two Olympians are enemies.

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