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AthenaBy: Gianna Martire

Athena & ArachneOne day there was a young girl named Arachne, who had quite the talent for weaving. Soon pride got to her, and she announced, "I am the best weaver in all the world! I'm even better than Athena!" All of the townsfolk gasped, while a swirling mist formed into Athena herself. "Foolish girl," Athena said. "You dare challenge the creater of weaving herself?" Proud Arachne stood up for herself, determined to prove her skills. "Yes." Arachne said. "I do challenge you." The new formed crowd gasped again, while Athena magically summoned two weaving stools. Soon the match began. They both weaved beautiful tapestries, and the crowd already had trouble deciding the winner. When the girl and the goddess finished their pieces,their pictures were both very different and the same. Arachne decided to weave the gods and goddesses failures and most foolish events, while Athena weaved the gods power. Although the citizens thought Arachnes tapestry was better, and more detailed, they didn't dare defiy a goddess. When Athena was chosen, Arachne trembled in fear, wondering what punishment was in store for her. As Athena decided the act. Arachnes mother begged Athena to have mercy. Athena, using sense, turned Arachne into a spider. So she would be forced to weave to survive.

Athena's symbols are an owl, spear, and aegis. (goatskin breastplate) Her father is Zeus, and her mother is Metis, the titaness. When Zeus found out that Metis was pregnant, he swallowed her and the baby, fearing that the child would rival him. Months later, Zeus had a major headache. Hephastus ended up cracking Zeus head open, and out came Athena.

Athena turning Arachne into a spider

Athenian coin


Athena is the patron goddess of Athens. She won it over the people with a compitition with Posiedon. Posiedons gift was a spring.....of saltwater. Athenas gift was the olive tree. The people decided an Olive tree would be more useful, so they chose Athena.

Athena was the one who gave Odysseus the idea for the Trojan horse!

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, war, crafts, art, government,protection of towns and dance. Her roman form is Minerva who is nearly the same.


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