athena the greek goddesses biography

by presnellamber
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athena the greek goddesses biography

Athena the Greek Goddesses Biography

Athena is the Greek Goddesses of war and Wisdom. She was born in a very intresting way which I will tell you about in a minute. She is respected by others for her wisdom and beauty.

Guess what!!! Athena was born like this. Ok.... Zues and Metric were in the bed and and Metric was pregnent. Zues had fears that the baby would be a boy that would over power him so he swallowed Metric. In like 10 15 years Zues had a terrible pain in his head. It was so horrible that he let another God cut his forehead open with a double headed ax. Out popped Athena fully grown and ready for battle! As soon as he saw her she became apple of his eye. It was not the powerful boy he had feared. It was a beautiful girl. Athena was the only one Zues has ever trusted enough to tell her where he hid his lightning bolt.

Athena's sisters & brothers are Persesphone,Apollo, Ares,Artemis and Aphrodite.Her Mom and Dad are Zues and Metric.

Athena has many friends and not many enimies. Some of her friends are Apollo, Zues and Aphrodite. One of her enimies are Ares.

Athena is respected for her wisdom and beauty. She had city called Athens' that is named after her in Greece. Her temple is still there today.

By,Amber Banks



  • presnellamber 9 years ago

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    This is a A.G (acadimicly gifted) project I had to do on a Greek Goddesses or God and I chose to do Athena the Goddesses of Wisdom and War.