At the Water's Edge by Sara Gruen

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At the Water's Edge by Sara Gruen

By: Sara Gruen

Life in PhiladelphiaMaddie meet a group of men at boarding school Ellis, Hank, and Freddie. They all became good friends and did everything together. When Freddie to a liking to Maddie and tried to propose to her she declined. The next thing she knows she is being proposed to by Ellis. When Ellis proposes she says yes and they are soon married. Ellis and Maddie lived with Ellis's parernts who don't particularly like her. Ellis is unable to serve in the war due to his color blindness and Hank was unable to serve because he was flat footed. As Maddie gets used to this new life of being pampered and waited on not having a care in the world. They attended high society parties and were care free. When Ellis, Hank, and Maddie went to a New years' Eve party in 1944 they disgraced them selves by getting drunk and being loud. Ellis got cut off from his fathers money. The three of them decide to take an adventure to find the lockness monster to regain his father's favor by succeding where Ellis's father had failed.

ChildhoodMadeline Hyde grew up in a broken family. When she was a teen her mother left her father for another man. The relationship didn't end up working when the man decided to go back to his wife and no run away with Madeline's mother. Her mother can back but was a different person. She starved Maddie and started to control her life. All Maddie wanted was to boarding school and to get away from home. When her mother started to go to far, such as thinking about changing Maddie's brain and nose, Maddie's father anounced that she would be going to boardering school and leaving immediately. Her mother was so upset she went upstairs and when Maddie went upstairs after a while she found her mother dead in the bathtube that night after taking a handful of pills. She blamed herself for not going upstairs after her mother and stopping her.

At the Water's Edge

The fall of Ellis and Maddie As Maddie spent more and more time in the Highlands she came to realizes that Ellis didn't really love her. As she realized this she tried to figure out a way the get out of their marriage. Maddie continued to help with the inn she came to realize that she wanted true love and not what she had with Ellis. She had been watching the women and men that came to the inns bar at night that most of them found the person that they wanted to marry and love. She wanted that more and more as she watched it at night. As she worked in the inn she learned more about Anna, Meg, and Angus. She became great friends with all three of them. After a while she began to realizes that she liked Anugs as more than just friends. Anna and Meg said that he liked her in that way too by the way he looked at her. On the night of valentines day Meg got in an argument with her boyfriend. He started to beat her and both Angus and Maddie went to go save her. Maddie went to go confort her as Angus beat him up. As Meg recovered Maddie, Angus, and Anna all took turns to watch and care for Meg. Maddie's feelings began to grow for Angus as they helped Meg recover. Maddie had to figure out a way to get out of the relationship with Ellis. As Maddie's feelings begane to grow she became closer the Angus. During the second air aid they had to get Meg out of bed and get to the bunker. Due to the fact that Meg was jusled around a lot when going tot the bunker they decided to stay in until the morning. Maddie soon realizes the Ellis is not color blind he just faked it to get out of the war. While Ellis and Hank were out for about 2 weeks Maddie told Angus about her feelings for him. She soon had to figure out how to get away from Ellis to be with Angus. When she confronted him by the lock he became violent. He took the boat out with Maddie in it and pushed her off trying to keep her down with the paddle. As she struggled to get free from Ellis she feels someone grab her as she is losing conciousness and it was Angus.

The Scottish HighlandsEllis,Hank, and Maddie took a ship across the Atlantilc to get to the Scottish Highlands. On January 14, 1945 they landed in the Scottish HIghlands and make there way to the inn. As they spend they time there they get settled in, which did not go smoothly, and start their adventure. As Hank and Ellis went out to find the monster most days Maddie sat in the inn slowly getting to know the three main people thst ran the inn Angus, Meg, and Anna. As she spent more and more time there she learned that she didn't want to just sit by the fire all day and do nothing so she started to try and figure thing out to do. Originally she tried to get out and walk but there were not many places to walk due to the war going on. She then decided to help with the inn, such as cleaning the upstairs rooms with permision from Anna. If Ellis were to find out that she was becoming friends with Anna, Meg, and Angus and helping out with the cleaning she would get in trouble so she hid it while Hank and Ellis were there with her, but once they left she offered to help any way she could. They were all forced to get gas masks and suits incase of an air aid. One night when an air aid went off all of them , Meg , Anna, Angus, Maddie, Hank, and Ellis went to the bunker incase of a bomb.

The EndingAs Maddie is being cared for from hypothermia she finds out the Ellis had somehow drowned in 2 inches of water at the lock. When she found this out she was relieved. She didn't have to figure out how to divorce Ellis. Angus continued to watch over her and take care of her. He stayed by her side and made sure she was okay. Once they were sure that Maddie would recover fully Angus asked her to marry him. After the war was over with in a few days they were married. Along with Anna and the postman Willie. Maddie and Angus moved into their new home, the Big House. But Maddie didn't want to just live there she wanted it to be much more. She wanted to give back the the soldiwers that sacrificed everything. So Maddie and Angus soon turned their house into a hospital for the injured soldiers. Soon the hospital was up and running. Meg Married young corpral on valentines day which Maddie and Angus skipped due to Maddie having her child the night before.

" ' I'm afraid there is no 'over,' ' the driver said in a thick Highland accent, his R's rolling magnificently" ( Gruen 9).

"The air was eletrically charged I was sure Hank and Ellis would pick up on it" (Gruen 190).

" 'She pushed you to safety. Maddie, she gave you her blessing' " (Gruen 289).


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