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Anna ZufallHaunted Asylums

What are Asylums?Asylums are places where people go when they go crazy. The patients were treated badly. You were not called crazy you were called Satan which means burned at stake. Most ill people were put behind bars or kepted in public basements with other insane people in the 1800's.

Asylums informaionAsylums have been around for a long while. They are used for people who start to go crazy. If u went crazy back then you go to one.

Asylums...Many asylums started befor the 1800's. The patients were treated with cruel treatments

what do you know about asylums...lets say you were in a asylum you were not treated like you think you were had a cruel life.

Here are some pictures of some asylums=> =>=>

Asylum life for peopleYou dont get to sit in a room and do whatever u want u get beat insted.Your getting beat for being You


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